February 21, 2018

Get Organised and Beat Overwhelm with The Fraser Flow Folder

If you sometimes organise your work using Post-it® notes and would like to be able to carry your system around easily and conveniently, you might want a Flow Folder. The video below explains how the system works. Essentially, rather than stick Post-its on flip chart paper on a wall, with the Flow Folder, you can put them in categories within a portable system. Two structures are included: One is the four quadrant (important/urgent) structure from Stephen Covey; the other is the “Personal Kanban” system from Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry, which helps you get into “flow” with your work – hence the name of the product.

I have found these systems especially useful when I am confronted by many tasks to be done and projects to take forward and am perhaps in danger of being overwhelmed. The Flow Folder implementation assists me greatly in feeling in control. It can do the same for you. Electronic task management systems can be very helpful but they’re not the whole answer, at least not for everyone. The first few people I showed my prototype to immediately said they wanted one, so I’ve had some Flow Folders made. Would you like one too? Just £39 for the system, to cover my costs in putting this together for you, delivered to a UK address – not much to make a step change to your effectiveness.

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The product is made from high quality, 1mm card, in eight A4 sheets, individually printed with the appropriate information, and hand-finished in the UK. The Flow Folder is pleasant and smooth to handle, as befits a system you will use a great deal, and it provides a good adhering surface for sticky notes. You will want to renew your Folder from time-to-time as it becomes worn in intensive use.

What’s in the package? You receive the Flow Folder itself, a set of notes explaining how to use the system, and a protective plastic folder, which includes a pocket with a card to add your name for identification purposes. You can see more in the following video.

How much time do you think you can save with the Flow Folder? Let’s say a minimum of an hour a week. That’s about 50 hours a year or more than a week – valuable in itself, or enough time to take a holiday. How much is your time worth to you?

Flow Folder in protective packageThe Fraser Flow Folder including plastic protective wallet and first class post and packing to a UK address is £39 (inclusive of VAT). Payment can be made using the usual channels. (If you order a Flow Folder and then find that, for some reason, it is not what you imagined, you can return it within 14 days in new condition for a full refund.)

If you’re in the UK, please use this button to place your order (external systems may be slow to respond, please wait)…

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If you want to ask me a question about the Flow Folder, by all means email me. If you would like to order a bulk quantity of Flow Folders, please get in touch for a quote.

We can also ship Flow Folders overseas…

The Fraser Flow Folder including plastic protective wallet and first class post and packing to an address in Europe (see UK postal service for countries included) is £43 (approximately 60 Euros). To place an order for delivery in Europe, please use this button…

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The Fraser Flow Folder including plastic protective wallet and first class post and packing to an address in the Rest of the World (Zone 1 and Zone 2, see UK postal service for countries included), which includes the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, is £47 (approximately 72 US Dollars). To place an order for delivery in this region, please use this button…

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Note: The term “Post-it” is, of course, a registered trademark of 3M Company.