February 24, 2018

The double benefit of focus, and how to achieve it

Man thinkingSome lessons keep coming round, for me they do anyway…

Getting focused has a double benefit—probably more than double actually.

Dropping some tasks—disengaging from some projects or organisations—has the obvious benefit of freeing up some time.

But it’s much more than that…

Having fewer things to cover, and the opportunity to focus, makes us so much more efficient on the things we do decide to do.

It’s not so easy letting go though.


I’ve learned, time and again, that if I’m ambivalent about something, it means I should drop it. When I finally do, I often wish I had done so sooner.

Maybe that’s how having a real break and time off works: Once we’ve walked away from everything for a time, our choice is then what to pick up, rather than what to drop. That’s quite different emotionally.

What about you?

How do you convince yourself to let go of something that seemed important, or maybe still seems important?