February 22, 2018

If it’s not happening, it probably means they don’t know how

Two businesspeople in slightly tense conversationWe so often find it frustrating when people don’t do what we think they need to do, especially in their dealings with other people. Often it seems pretty obvious what that needed action is, perhaps even to them.

And yet it doesn’t happen. Maybe even despite explicit conversations about the matter.

How come?

It might seem like they don’t really want to, and that conclusion might be right, up to a point…

But I think more often than we realise, the underlying reason is they actually don’t know how—not well enough to commit to action.

And so they don’t want to because they’re uncertain of what to do.

I think more often than we might imagine a useful thought in these situations is “What if they don’t know how?”

And what might we do about that?

Of course, the principle applies to our own inaction too.


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