February 24, 2018

Do you go at the pace of the slowest?

Do you go at the pace of the slowest?Working with leadership teams, it’s usually the boss who has the most to think about and the most change work to do. They are the main driving force in the company after all.

But as well as that…

Sometimes there’s someone in the team or the group who, for whatever reason, moves a bit slower than the others—someone who perhaps doesn’t really “get it” or lacks the necessary skills or knowledge.

What do you do about them?

It may well be you need some aspect of their expertise or contacts.

Do you invest, in a sense disproportionately, in the weak link? You might well need to. After all, you do need the group to move forward together at least to some degree.

Whatever you do, you can’t ignore the situation.

Otherwise you will go at the pace of the slowest. Or the group will break apart.