February 24, 2018

Falling down on the follow-up?

Man thinkingWhere is the weakest link in your process?

For many of us, it’s in our capacity to complete the chunkier action steps which are needed to implement what we agreed at an initial meeting.

Not so easy to get these done when existing tasks are pressing.

Sometimes it helps to set aside an hour to work on one specific action. It’s only an hour, after all—yes, a material fraction of the day, but still just an hour. Our brain can handle that level of diversion without getting anxious. After an hour, we can switch back. Yes, really.

At the same time…

Like many things, it helps to “say it the way we want it,” making what needs to be done seem a more attractive proposition. Something like…

“Completing the follow-through,” perhaps.

How do you avoid falling down on the follow-up?