February 24, 2018

Stating the position or actually addressing the issue?

Four business people in a discussionIt could be that I’m noticing this more for reasons that are particular to me. That said…

It seems to have become more and more common for representatives of some corporate bodies and local and national government to respond to a new question or challenge with a flat assertion of the current position or policy, failing completely to address the issue raised by the stakeholder.

For example, I saw a news report about the case for some individuals in a certain age range and category to be screened for asbestos-related diseases because it would potentially improve outcomes. The official response stated that the relevant advisory authority hadn’t recommended it, therefore, nothing needs to be done. Meanwhile, if you have symptoms, go to your doctor (and hope it isn’t already too late)… matter closed.

I could quote other examples.

I think we’ve got rather too good at this.

It might be a successful short-term defence from the organisation’s point of view but it’s very costly in terms of longer-term goodwill. The disrespect involved is very damaging to the relationship “capital.” No wonder we don’t trust organisations and governments much.

How do you see this?

And is it a mode you employ?

It’s rather easy to dead bat something… Harder to address the issue, though much more commanding of respect.