February 24, 2018

Learning or doing, which is the priority?

Woman thinkingWe need to keep learning e.g. about people; and we need to keep doing or delivering e.g. in a business. So which is more important? Delivering perhaps (it’s certainly likely to be more urgent), but what if the delivery is weak because we haven’t yet learned some vitally relevant information?

If learning is the priority then perhaps the opportunity or expectation will pass before we have made ourselves ready.

Obviously, it’s a balance. Do you have it in the right place? Could you benefit from moving learning up a bit?

Sometimes, of course, we need to act in order to learn: We can’t merely think our way to the right solution. We need to gather some experience of the issue. We need to attempt delivery and see what happens.

Which is more likely to make a long-term, sustainable difference: Learning or delivering? Probably learning, I’d say.

How do you balance this out?

Getting unstuck

Exhausted computer userA reminder of something simple and perhaps basic but really important, which has certainly helped me…

To succeed, yes, we need a vision and a purpose and goals and priorities and all that.

But when we’re stuck; when we’re down, we sometimes can’t do any of it.

Instead, we need to…

Do something—ANYTHING—that moves us even slightly in the direction we need to go, even if that’s just polishing our shoes or painting our nails.

Then we’ll gather momentum and be able to tackle something slightly bigger. Setting our direction can come later. “Ready, fire, aim” as Tom Peters and Robert Waterman put it in “In Search of Excellence.”

Sometimes we don’t have to be that smart, just determined.

At times…

It doesn’t matter a tiny bit which task we do, as long as we do something.

So much starts with managing our energy. They say 50% of winning is showing up.

What about you…

How do you get unstuck?