February 24, 2018

If there’s an obstacle…

Business People in a Board meeting…we probably need to overcome it before anything else will work.

It’s striking how often we try changing all manner of things to get the result we want, apart from the one underlying issue that’s actually stopping us succeeding.

Why is that?

Sometimes, some aspect of how we relate to other people is what determines the outcome—securing a piece of work or a job, for example—however skilful and knowledgeable we may be about the explicit subject matter. I think that’s much more often the case than we typically assume.

The sad reality is…

Until we realise some interpersonal trait of ours is preventing us succeeding in a situation and do something to alter that behaviour, all of the rest of what we attempt in that context will essentially be a waste of time.

Sad because sometimes we never realise and no-one ever dares to point it out.

A viable interpersonal approach is often an essential condition for success, not a nice to have.

Good to start there, I believe.


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