February 21, 2018

If you’re really stuck…

Exhausted and frustrated woman at a computerStart really, really small.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to get moving. For whatever reason, we’ve become stationary. Perhaps we’ve been away and everything has ground to a halt in the interim. The scale of what we need to accomplish—what we need to get moving again—can seem overwhelming.

In these circumstances…

Sometimes it’s best to forget planning and to forget figuring out priorities and to forget making lists. Instead, just do something—anything—that will give us a sense of movement and completion and achievement, however minor. Then, once that’s done, we can pick something else, and then something else again and gradually overcome our inertia—one little step at a time.

We’re in good company taking this approach: Nature normally starts very, very small, beginning with the tiniest little thing, like the germination of a seed.

How do you get going again when you’ve come to a standstill?