January 21, 2018

The danger of creeping mediocrity

Run down houseIn owning and operating something complex, like a house, for instance, it’s easy to let small flaws grow into big ones. If we don’t deal with minor issues in a relentless way, eventually the whole entity is degraded.

It’s like that with a business or an organisation…

If we tolerate mediocrity, even in situations where the individual issue doesn’t matter very much, eventually we have a degraded organisation.

If we accept mediocrity in a business, eventually it’ll fail.

That doesn’t mean we should be paralysed by an attempt to achieve unattainable perfection. It does mean we should insist on the best possible—from ourselves and others.

How do you keep mediocrity at bay?

In making plans for work…

Sir Winston Churchill…it is sometimes necessary to take into account the actions of other people.

It was a week of Winston Churchill quotes last week, though not, in fact, this one: “In making plans for war, it is sometimes necessary to take into account the actions of the enemy.”

So what do you do to get your own work done and still be available to other people?

(Not that they’re “the enemy,” of course.)

Just when you think you found a new quiet spot, they’ll seek you out. Family too.

They want your attention after all, and you’ve cultivated that really.

So how do you make them content and self-sufficient before taking off on your own?

What’s the reassurance they need?