February 19, 2018

Knowing your own power

Two senior managers in conversationIt’s surprising, in a way, how little we know of our own power—our power to impact on other people.

We tend not to realise just how impactful we can be. We say things with full force when actually something more measured would meet less resistance, cause less hurt, and serve us better. This is especially true if we have formal authority as well as personal power. We’ll get a better outcome if we deliberately turn it down a bit.

Other times…

We have less power than we think we have. We don’t get the results we expect. Our power turns out not to be what we thought it was. In this case, we do well to moderate our actions to match the level of power we actually have.

Then our power will grow with our success.

Accurately gauging our personal power can make the difference between being effective and being irrelevant.


We may flinch from the sight of our own power, but it’s there whether we accept it or not—better to embrace it and use it for good rather than deny it, and so diminish our own contribution.

Do you know your own power—its nature and its strength?

Worth getting to understand it well. Then you can use it for the best.