February 24, 2018

More than one path to meeting a need?

Fork in a pathWe might not be able to address someone’s needs directly: We may not be able to provide the specific thing they say they are looking for right now.

But perhaps we can see something even more important we believe they need—something they don’t see themselves, so much so that when we attempt to offer them that contribution they aren’t interested, or at least not interested enough to take action.

But the thing is…

At a higher level, what we’re offering probably does ultimately meet a need they do acknowledge and regard as important—important enough to take action about. And that higher need might well be the one their initial desire also fulfils.

So, asking what their stated need will achieve for them, and what that new outcome will in turn deliver, possibly several times over, can take them to where our path meets theirs.

For example, many people ultimately are driven by a desire for peace of mind, even in business, and no doubt what we’re offering contributes to that too.

But we need to join the dots and show how we can help them meet their ultimate need, if not their immediate one.

The closer you to take them to the top of the mountain, the more likely it is their path meets yours.

How do you help people see you can assist them?