February 22, 2018

The decision to buy – emotion or logic?

Three people, two shaking handsOur rational brain, and our education for that matter, would like us to believe that people make a decision to buy based on logic and the facts – that’s “buy” as in literally a sale, or perhaps just a decision to pay attention to someone or invest in their ideas.

In fact…

Rather more often than we might imagine, I believe, decisions to buy are based on emotion – how we feel.

Perhaps we might hide the emotional decision behind a veneer of logic.

The thing is…

How often are you handling a relationship thinking it’s a logical “sale,” when actually it’s more of an emotional decision, or perhaps vice versa?

How do you decide which you’re dealing with?

The reasons people buy from you might not be what you imagine at all.

The head or the heart, where do you start?

Three people in a meeting, two shaking handsProgress on anything challenging typically needs a balance of head and heart perspectives; some emotional intelligence alongside the logic and rationale of the numbers and the processes. Neither on their own will be sufficient.

But where to start? Where to meet the other people involved?

With the head stuff, or the heart stuff?

With professional and business people brought up to “use their heads,” it often seems to make sense to meet them in that left-brain place that is so familiar, and then lead them to an emotional perspective once a level of trust is established.

With other individuals, less conditioned to be “professional”, beginning right from the heart might well work better. Or maybe that’s better in every case.

Does it depend on the context? The same individual in different circumstances might respond differently.

Perhaps the key is to connect with the person, one way or another, starting where they’re most comfortable, and then lead them to the other.

What do you think? Where do you begin—in your head or in your heart? It makes a difference.