February 24, 2018

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…

High street with people…it did.

(And a note on the kindness of strangers.)

Last weekend turned into a nightmare for reasons of ill health in the family and other unexpected developments. Part of dealing with that involved driving some family members home late on Monday night in awkward circumstances.

…and then the car broke down, electrically and completely, on a remote country road, in the dark.

Of course…

We phoned for help and help was on its way, but for a while we were vulnerable—a stationary car in the middle of a road without lights. We had no response of our own.

And then…

The first car that happened along stopped and came to our aid, the driver using his lights to highlight the hazard we formed, only leaving the scene when the official help arrived.

I was very aware of this man’s kindness and how much we depended on it—a humbling experience.

It’s perhaps only when we’ve used up our own capacity to cope that we truly appreciate the human kindness in the world; only when we’ve no option but to ask for help that we realise it’s there.

Perhaps there’s more of it about than we think.


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