February 21, 2018

An intervention needs to be an intervention

Group in discussion at computerIt takes a certain intensity to make something different happen. Merely exposing people to new ideas probably isn’t going to be enough if the hoped-for change is in any way an uncomfortable or unfamiliar one—the issue could be out of conscious awareness apart from anything else.

So we need someone to show us how the learning connects with us—how it applies.

Sending people on courses will only take things so far.

For an intervention to be an intervention, somebody needs to intervene. There needs to be a change agent—someone who can deliver help to the system from outside, as W. Edwards Deming might have put it, because “a system is not capable of understanding itself.”

Somebody needs to be close enough to say “this is how the issue applies to you and here’s what you need to do.”

Interventions need an intervener.

Why just being present results in natural leadership

Why just being present results in natural leadershipWhether to lead or to follow is sometimes a choice we need to make, or so it appears.

In fact, just being present may be the best option—not having need of the situation either way.

Connect that with something else and it all makes sense…

It’s often said that when intervening in a situation, it’s the inner state of the intervener which makes the difference, not so much what the say or do—much more who they are. In other words, we pay attention to highly “present” people.

And so obviously…

Those highly present people are the ones we are influenced by. The ones we follow, in fact—the leaders we look to.

Those who have let go of the need to lead or to follow are the real leaders.