February 23, 2018

The vital importance of feedback

Heating controllerMost of us struggle with it, at least at times—taking feedback that may be painful to receive. We might be rather better at giving it than receiving it.

The thing is though…

It’s such an important determinant of success and growth, hearing what we need to hear to adjust our actions and integrating that feedback into what we do.

We wouldn’t expect a control system to work effectively with inconsistent measurements.

So not much point in expecting ourselves to be the best we can be if we shut out feedback.

As Steven Pressfield says, “Don’t let it land in your ego.” That’s the key. (See his short and easily-read book “Turning Pro”.) Instead, stand back from yourself a bit and help others do the same.

A better life lies on the far side of feedback received and integrated. That’s worth remembering.


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