January 21, 2018

Are you at arm’s length?

Two doctors in discussionIt all depends on your perspective of course…

Who’s at arms length from who? We might feel more secure keeping uncomfortable (but needed) influences at arm’s length.

The thing is…

It’s tempting to keep people at that distance; to not let them in.

But it makes us hard to reach; at arm’s length from what we need.

Not so smart really.

Might be wise to let them closer.

Do you fight your influences?

Group in discussion at a computerThat might seem a strange question, but think about it: Do you resist the learning which comes from your influences?

Actually, I think, most of us do.

Because influence means change, and change means discomfort for our ego, we tend to push back on ideas that contribute to our learning, particularly the more profound ones.

In fact…

The more powerful (and important and valuable) the influence, the more likely we are to resist it, at least at first.

Patience, therefore, is something we usually require in the people who influence us.

But perhaps we can learn to be more open. Perhaps we can learn to notice when we are resisting an influence. Perhaps we don’t need to fight it.

How about you? How open are you to the people who influence you?