January 16, 2018

Why just being present results in natural leadership

Why just being present results in natural leadershipWhether to lead or to follow is sometimes a choice we need to make, or so it appears.

In fact, just being present may be the best option—not having need of the situation either way.

Connect that with something else and it all makes sense…

It’s often said that when intervening in a situation, it’s the inner state of the intervener which makes the difference, not so much what the say or do—much more who they are. In other words, we pay attention to highly “present” people.

And so obviously…

Those highly present people are the ones we are influenced by. The ones we follow, in fact—the leaders we look to.

Those who have let go of the need to lead or to follow are the real leaders.

Brand—a relationship thing?

High Street sceneWe tend to think of brands in isolation, as if they exist in their own right, in an absolute sense. We think of a logo perhaps, or a style of packaging, or a particular tagline or strapline.


The properties of a brand only really exist in the minds of its followers, or the people who are aware of the brand; the community built around it.


A brand really has the features of a relationship, and a brand and its following are two sides of the same coin. The one doesn’t exist without the other.

Without a following, you don’t have a brand.

Build a following, and your brand will mean something.

Have a clearer brand, and more people will follow.