February 21, 2018

Changing the future

Calendar dates from monday to sundayWhat really is a priority?

It so often seems urgent things are the priority and sometimes they undoubtedly are. The trouble is if we keep doing the urgent at the expense of what will make a long-term difference, we gradually become more and more sub-optimised and less and less adapted for the future (and eventually the future becomes the present).

How do you decide what truly is a priority? What must be done today?

Are you prioritising something because it’s “urgent” or because it will change the future?

Some of this seems so obvious and yet it’s often hard to do. I think it helps to decide to do one thing every day that will make a difference in a year’s time; to spend an hour on that, say. If that sounds like a challenge, maybe that’s telling us something: The future is going to be something that happens to us rather than something we influence.

How do you make sure you make time to change the future?


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