February 24, 2018

Doing what you don’t have to do today

HourglassDoing what you have to do today is relatively easy. You have to do it after all.

Doing what you don’t have to do today is harder.

There’s no urgency: not today, not tomorrow, not even the next day. It’s easy to put it off, especially if the task is a bit of a challenge.

And then, of course, the year is gone.

So we need to make it something we have to do today: the one thing we chosen to do now that will make a difference in, say, a year’s time.

Just one thing—that’ll do for today. Tomorrow, it can be a second thing.

After 20 days, we’ll have 20 things done. Well, OK, maybe in 30. That’s still a lot better than none of them done in a year.

Part of the answer is to decide that it’s our job to do things that will make a difference in a year’s time—like developing some new marketing or a new product. Then it feels urgent. And it becomes something we have to do.

And it gets done.


What are you going to do today that you don’t have to do?

The necessary pest

The Necessary PestHow do you tell the difference between the troublemaker and the necessary pest?

The thing is…

We don’t have all the answers. We need other people to tell us when we’ve over-looked something, or need to take a different perspective.

Of course, we tend to get this kind of input at what feels like the most inconvenient moment.

And the person delivering it can present a challenge.

Now they might just be a troublemaker, intent on making difficulty for their own reasons.

Or they might be a necessary pest.

It’s worth getting good at telling the difference.

We need the pests…

…the trouble-makers, not so much.