February 23, 2018

How’s your own “brand” doing?

Two business peopleWe perhaps tend to think of “brand” from the purely business point of view of supporting a premium price for a product or attracting customers.

But the concept is also very relevant to relationships at the individual level.

If we have a favourable personal “brand” reputation, we can achieve the same result with less effort or a better result with the same effort.

I’m surprised sometimes how big a factor this can be, resulting in orders of magnitude difference in effectiveness, or determining success and failure. We tend not to be that aware of how critical brand is to our achievements and so others may not get the same results with the same actions, for example.

To clarify, logos and suchlike are not brands as such, in my view. They seek to represent a brand or even evolve a brand, but they are not themselves a brand. A brand reputation is something a market or a community determines based on its experience, not something we can control directly—influence, yes, but not control. (So a “rebranding” is really a “re-logo-ing”.)

Anyway, the thing is…

How’s your own brand doing?