January 18, 2018

Reader comments

David was instrumental in setting up the management board and programmes office at the Clyde Naval Base – a difficult task with many differing views on how best to achieve success. As a Director at this facility I found his support invaluable. Having just read David’s new book I now understand why he was so successful and I would highly recommend his work to anyone looking to improve business efficiency and effectiveness through improving relationships.
John Hanlon, Estates Director, HM Naval Base Clyde, Scotland, UK

After a week, my two teenage boys seemed to mature and grow in the way they related to their younger siblings and their father and me.
Samantha Gluck, Owner, All Media Freelance LLC, Houston, Texas, USA

Relationships matter in every walk of life, and a read through these pages will provide much to think about and many opportunities to change and improve. Good relationships are worth striving for.
Professor Sir Kenneth Calman, Chancellor, University of Glasgow

A fantastic “how-to” manual for finding better ways of connecting with other people. Really practical insights apply to colleagues, clients and family relationships equally. Dr David Fraser also tells his own very engaging story and includes other real-world examples which are easy to identify with. David uses insights from NLP and other disciplines which are proven to work well. However this book is much more readable than many other books based around NLP. Just one tiny example – the explanation of how valuable it is to be able to use “peripheral vision” at will was really illuminating, and the exercise (on pp98-99) is easy to follow and gave real tangible results. Highly recommended read, and even more worthwhile if you do the exercises and apply some of the learnings.
Madeleine Allen, Allen Training Ltd.

David Fraser gets it! The struggle out there is the projection of the struggle in here. We can’t begin to heal the world until we heal in here.
Stuart Hepburn, NLP Trainer

Excellent – an integrated system for effective relationships, drawing on several different domains and inspirations into a freshly unified approach. The structure is really good and clear and logical and the content equally useful in professional, social and family contexts. Very readable. A dozen copies for family and close work colleagues please.
Hillary Sillitto, Chartered Engineer

In addition to being a good ‘read through’ this book is great to dip into when searching for some insight into what may be holding you back – there is a wealth of great content to help increase personal effectiveness.
Ian Laird, Managing Director NiTech Solutions Ltd.

Hugely enjoyed reading this book!!!! I love the stuff about relationships being more than communication skills. I enjoy and appreciate the honesty throughout. David draws attention to the qualities shown by good leaders and I find that helpful and inspiring. I am moved by the spiritual depth of the writing.
The Revd. Scott S McKenna

An excellent book, simply written. Very empowering.
Karen Mason, Leadership Coach

A very practical self-help book with the right amount of personal experience, academic background and anecdotal evidence and no slant towards either the male or female reader. Great for women in the workplace, especially where men predominate. The techniques are very helpful in levelling that particular playing field.
Morag Cook, Programme Manager (Public sector)

Accessible and relevant. Each chapter has something that resonates with me… and I suspect anyone who wants practical ideas on how to work more effectively with others. Relationships Made Easy is going on the Recommended Reading list for my courses!
Florence Madden, Management Development Consultant

David Fraser reveals the essentials to successful relationships with colleagues, friends, and loved ones through his direct, easy to read style and use of very personal examples. Whether you are new to the subjects he writes about or are already a practitioner you will learn something from this book.
Marnie Roadburg, NLP Practitioner, Retired Director of Disability Service, University of Edinburgh

Loved the honesty of the book and the anecdotes throughout. Especially impressed by the applications chapter.
Miriam King, Head of Group Operations (Public sector)

Loved it! Very easy and interesting to read. Nice approach of being one of us and not claiming mastery of NLP. David keeps it simple.
Eleni Sarantinou, Life Coach

A stimulating read which has caused me to reflect and has influenced my approach to interactions both with my family and at work.
Julian Thomas, Senior Project Manager

The author has distilled the key elements of a number of disciplines, such as NLP, to produce a book that can be ‘used and abused’ by the reader to succeed across a range of life’s challenges – interact with it, learn from it and apply it.
Brian Martin, Managing Director, Caltona Ltd.

Here are some longer reviews…

David Fraser’s book is refreshing in many ways. It is a very readable and well laid out approach to understanding the methodologies involved in communicating with others and enhancing the quality of our relationships. More than that though it moves into areas which many writers tend to shirk from, especially those whose work involves dealing with business leaders, professionals and organisations generally. The last chapters, titled Balance, and Love, together with the subtitle “Finding inner peace” of the third from last chapter move into deep and very personal territories and do so in a compelling way.
The quality of our relationships, at work, at home, and the inner relationship with oneself are fundamental to achieving and maintaining a sense of belonging and fulfilment in most people’s lives. Yet, as with so many important aspects of human existence how to achieve and maintain good relationships is neither taught much or well, if at all, in our education establishments, nor is it something we are born with. In fact the reverse is true. Some of our most basic instincts in life, and the most powerful ones, are concerned with self-survival, competition, egotism and status. These self-centred paradigms are the opposite of what David offers in his book.
It would be useful to be born with the contents of Relationship Made Easy in our minds. Given that we can’t have that the next best thing is to get a copy and start to apply the lessons in this important book.
Martin Stepek, Chief Exectuive, Scottish Family Business Association

Dr David Fraser’s book, Relationships Made Easy, is easy to read and written in plain english with no psycho-babble. This means that anyone who wishes to enhance their understanding of themselves, and others, and to improve their relationships can do so easily. The way David explains ‘complex’ issues with examples and understandable research, demystifies many psychological techniques. The Steps to take gives the reader an easy to follow guide to improving communication, understanding emotions and encourages us to build on what we learn from chapter to chapter. This is not a book just for couples, but for anyone in a relationship of any kind……that means it’s a book that everyone would benefit from reading.
Denise Knowles, Relationship Counsellor

An excellent book for anyone who wants better relationships with family, friends and work colleagues – so that includes everyone really! Intelligently written, well researched, without being high-brow and most of all practical. Easy to read – but not simplistic. Well written – sincere but not cheesy. In a different class from the usual ‘self-help’ flimsy nonsense. This is a book you will read and go back to many times.
Gillian Penrice, General Practice Doctor

Personally I liked this book because it is written by a very highly qualified professional who has added NLP to his toolkit for success in his working and personal life. I find that, too often, books on these subjects are written by people immersed in the self-development world, and they sometimes lack a ‘real world’ practicality. David seems to have taken the best of what he has learned over the years, and made NLP accessible by giving the techniques everyday names and tips on how to apply them. Even as an NLP practitioner, I have refreshed and updated my knowledge, and I have recommended this to friends and colleagues as a ‘what’s in it for me?’ guide to NLP and to help them in working and personal relationships.
Alison Hartley, Consultant and Business Owner