January 16, 2018

Mastery Program

Audio programAfter many requests, I’ve put together an on-line audio program sharing The Relationship Mastery Formula. You can access the program and its modules from anywhere at any time.

Quite likely you want to learn in your own time and in your own space and with this Relationship Mastery program you can do just that easily and conveniently.

The core of the program is the 12 essential elements of personal mastery in relationship skills. Each one of these is covered in an audio progam (most are around 45 minutes). Each one of the 12 has many important learning outcomes, just one of which is listed here…

Come across as assured, resourceful, and at ease, with Volume 1: “Attention to others”

Be attractive to other people, and stay that way, with Volume 2: “Attitude

Be calm, and have a calming influence, with Volume 3: “Self-control”

Communicate with people the way they talk to themselves, with Volume 4: “Wavelength”

Understand and work with personality, with Volume 5: “Filters”

Connect with people quickly and easily, with Volume 6: “Connection”

Work with what matters to people, with Volume 7: “Values”

Be sure you always have something to work with, with Volume 8: “Language”

Have a powerful personal presence, with Volume 9 “Self-awareness”

Be clear about what you want with Volume 10: “Attention to yourself”

Find balance in your life, with Volume 11: “Balance”

Get fast and lasting results by going with the deep stuff, with Volume 12: “Love”.