February 19, 2018

Join a LinkedIn group

David runs three popular discussion groups on LinkedIn. These are

Relationship Skills for Professional, Business and Personal Success

Relationship Skills logoAre relationships important in your work? Discuss issues, share best practice, hear the latest thinking and solve specific interpersonal challenges. Be part of a new way of looking at things. We’d love to hear your wisdom.
Join here

Personal Mastery for the Inspirational Leader

Personal Mastery logoBe inspirational. This group is an opportunity to share insights about the path of self-reliance, inner wisdom, sense of purpose and continual learning in navigating change in all contexts, professional and personal. Seeing our own role in creating what happens around us and adapting accordingly. Join here

Change for Leaders

Change for Leaders logoEver noticed that much written and said about change is all about doing to change to other people? Lasting transformation simply doesn’t work like that. Rather it begins within ourselves and flows to others through our whole leadership. Join us to share learning about the key to successful change. Join here

These are, of course, free to join, and offer insightful posts from David and others most weeks…

“I like that your posts are thought provoking, and I always read them.” Julie Grieve, Edinburgh

“This is a short note to say how much I appreciate being part of your LinkedIn network. I enjoy reading your contributions a lot and have learned much.” Rev. Scott McKenna