February 19, 2018

Programme Management

Boardroom meetingYou probably have the process side of your business pretty well covered, and some additional insight into the human side of working life will make all the difference in getting you the results you seek. That’s especially true on collaborative projects, facilities management contracts and other situations involving complex relationships with other organisations. However, making a difference requires real hands-on experience of engineering, projects, manufacturing, facilities management and other operationally intensive businesses in conjunction with expertise in practical psychology, leadership, NLP, mediation and organisational learning. That’s what we offer. Specific themes are:-

  • Strategy, organisational change, learning and growth
  • Facilitation of collaborative projects, out-sourcing, and public-private partnerships
  • Leadership development
  • Programme and project management
  • Business performance improvement and management information systems
  • Mastery of interpersonal relationship skills as an enabler of everything else

The typical engagement begins one-to-one with you, the leader, usually on a periodic basis, exploring the nature of the issues you face and developing a strategy to tackle them. Thereafter, it’s likely that we will involve your wider team, and possible representatives of the other organisations with whom you are working, depending on the situation.

Please get in touch for a free initial meeting or conversation. You can be sure you’ll get valuable new insights even in that time.

To discuss the possibilities, please email David or his PA or call +44 (0)141 955 2104.