January 18, 2018

For professionals

All professional people to some extent suffer from their training having largely concentrated on the technical aspects of their chosen career, rather at the expense of the interpersonal skills that are required to be successful in the workplace – with customers, clients, colleagues and so on. The natural inclination is to fall back on these strengths in difficult situations. That can be a mistake.

We tend to rely on picking up people skills along the way without much in the way of structured training. That can be very inefficient in that we take a long time to learn and we may make significant mistakes along the way. Wouldn’t it be better to approach the learning in a systematic and deliberate way?

I felt that what I been taught in my professional education about relating to other people simply wasn’t up to the job and I set out to do something about that. I was lucky, I think, in that I had the opportunity to learn from some very skillful people in the field of the human dimension. Over some years, I gathered that learning into an organised framework and the resulting formula is what you find here on this site and what is set out in my books. The skills have certainly been a great help to me and I’m sure they will transform things for you too.