February 21, 2018

Company details

David Fraser Ltd was incorporated in 2001 (originally as Dunyvis Ltd) and is a provider of services to public and private sector organisations and private individuals.

If the scale or nature of a project requires it, a network of individuals and specialist organisations is drawn on to assist. These associates include project managers, trainers, lawyers, accountants, finance people, technology experts, human resource specialists, and other experienced business leaders and managers.

Contact by phone or email (details on the right) or at the address below:

David Fraser Ltd
Suite C
Milngavie Enterprise Centre
Ellangowan Court
Glasgow G62 8PH

David Fraser Ltd is registered in Scotland (SC223869) and is VAT registered (789492945). Its registered address is 3 Drumclog Avenue, Milngavie, Glasgow G62 8NA, Scotland, UK.