February 24, 2018

Technology Development

Automatic Fault LocatorTechnology development, especially in smaller companies such as university spin-outs, presents challenges of a particular nature: Obtaining investment and trading finance, doing “everything” with a very small team, developing the right products, securing early sales, being taken seriously by the market and keeping the team together despite the profound tensions that often arise in small companies where the choices are much wider, the resources much fewer and the uncertainties much greater than in larger organisations.

I have 10 years’ experience of this sector – enough to be very familiar with the challenges and to have taken away much of the learning. Among other things, small business experience does leave you with a willingness to work on larger organisations “in the round” – to reshape the whole entity, if required. The differences between the two are not so much, and you appreciate the benefit of all the resources in terms of cash and people that a large organisation has at its disposal if only it can manage to deploy them effectively and in a coherent way – much harder that it might appear, in many cases.