January 21, 2018

Social media—a normative influence?

Woman with BlackberryWe hear commentary that social media has a detrimental effect on ability to relate to other people—not too sure about that myself.

Leaving that debate to one side, here’s another aspect…

The very pervasiveness of social media, especially networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter where things get shared or retweeted a lot, perhaps means that we take more trouble to keep in with people, and act in accordance with the norms, simply because we know we’ll see them again soon, wherever they may physically be.

Just like living in a big village (not that villages are always harmonious of course), we really can’t avoid people in our circle. They’re everywhere.

Best to act accordingly, I reckon.

What do you think?

Think twice before you reject a connection

Weary computer userHow do you feel when someone says they don’t want to accept your connection or friend request? Kind of upset, I reckon. Even as an adult, rejection is a little tough. And that’s even if they give a genuine enough reason, such as they only connect with people they’ve met face-to-face (how does that work if you’re building an international network?), or they only use the medium for close friends and family.

But here’s the thing…

Most likely you’ll not trouble them again. In fact, you’ll probably leave them completely alone – for ever. You’ll not risk another rejection. You’ll write them off.

Now look at it the other way round…

If it’s you doing the rejecting, be aware there’s a good chance the other person will leave your life forever and not come back – not speak to you, not do business with you, nothing. Is that what you want?

The price of turning down a connection request might be higher than you realize.