February 21, 2018

Going into their world to make the relationship

Barry Neil KaufmanSometimes dealing with the extremes brings the mainstream into sharp focus…

I’m watching an interview with the creator of a well-known intervention program for children with Autism. As he puts it, such children find “our” world a bewildering place. His philosophy for beginning to help them is clear…

Go into their world to make the relationship. Nothing else will work.

I’m struck by how relevant that is, in every way.

Moreover, to stand any chance of success with the child with special needs, you must take 100% responsibility, because the child isn’t going to take any at all.

Now, with people in general, you might hope the other person would be prepared to come into your world a little, and to take some responsibility.

But if you want certain success with everyone you meet, do as Barry Kaufman says and…

Go into their world to make the relationship.

It’s not about you.

Make it about them.