January 16, 2018


The ability to relate to other people is the most critical skill a person can ever have – at work, at home or anywhere else – and strong people skills simply make everything else easier. With the right approach, developing relationship expertise is an easy route to success and one of the few reliable and enduring ways we can improve our lives. But we need to take the task seriously. Drawing on practical psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other wisdom from various philosophies, as well as first-hand experience of organizational life, David Fraser, Ph.D. offers a systematic, practical and intelligent approach to achieving success with other people. Packed with real-life examples and tried-and-tested steps to take, this book is for business professionals who want to develop their interpersonal relationship skills as a key strength.

In his “very positive, helpful and enlightening” and ultimately “uplifting” book, the author sets out the 12 essential areas of interpersonal insight and growth: (1) Attention to others; (2) Attitude; (3) Self-control; (4) Tuning in to people; (5) Personality; (6) Connection; (7) Values – working with what matters; (8) Language; (9) Self-awareness; (10) Attention to yourself – clarifying what you really want; (11) Balance; and (12) Love – the power of care. The author includes with honesty a flavor of his own learning journey, and in the words of his readers, the result is “accessible and relevant,” “simply fascinating stuff,” and “very easy and interesting to read.”

Thumbnail of book coverThe ebook version Relationships Made Easy for the Business Professional ISBN 978-0-9568368-1-6 launched in ebook form March, 28 2011

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Relationships Made Easy
How to get on with the people you need to get on with…
and stay friends with everyone else
Dr David Fraser
ISBN 13: 978-1-906316-53-2

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