February 21, 2018

Resolve issues at work

Three people talking at a table

Relationships with colleagues can be very challenging, particularly in difficult working environments and complex projects with many people involved. We often talk about communication skills, but that doesn’t really cover it. There’s something more: How skillful are we at relating to people through time? We can be articulate communicators, but still have poor relationships.

Sometimes we don’t realise we have traits that annoy other people and undermine our efforts to achieve our objectives. The danger too is that nobody ever tells us and we go on for years, decades even, not learning the things about ourselves that if we only saw clearly, we would choose to change straightaway. It doesn’t have to be like that. With some simple techniques, we can raise our own awareness of ourselves, reinforce what we like and change what we don’t like, and develop a powerful personal presence. Learn how in Volume 9 “Self-awareness” of the Relationship Mastery MP3 program, or you can read about it in my book.