February 21, 2018

Have a happy family life

Family sitting outdoors

The family environment can be just as challenging a place for relationships as work, if not more. Finding a path that works for both partners and moving on from the problems that inevitably arise may not be as simple as we would like to believe or want friends to think, especially when the extra demands of raising a family or coping with disability or illness become a factor.

Fundamental compatibility and attraction is part of it, of course, but much of the time, resourcefulness and skill with the practical reality of relating to other people can make a great difference to maintaining a happy environment in which romance and intimacy remain alive and flourish. We’d all like to focus on the style rather than the substance of family life, but we need the substance working before we can have the style. Understanding what’s going on between the people involved and working on our ability to be a resourceful contributor can make a great deal of difference.

At one level, home and work situations are just the same. They both involve dealing with other people.

One of the keys to having a happy family is a resourceful attitude. 12 principles from NLP essentially do the whole job, not just at home, but in your whole life. Learn about them and how they apply to relationships in Volume 2 Attitude” of the Relationship Mastery MP3 program, or you can read about them in my book.