January 16, 2018

Collaborate effectively

Four outdoors at a laptop

Working effectively with other people is rarely as straightforward as it seems, especially when the people involved have different interests and values. The more the outcome matters, the harder it often is. How aware are you of what’s going on between the individuals in a situation? Do you feel well-equipped to recognise and work with these factors, securing an outcome that satisfies everyone that is involved? Are you yourself aware of your own role in these situations? Are you an effective collaborator?

We come up with elaborate reasons why organisations don’t perform very well and projects go wrong, but the reality is often much simpler… The people involved don’t work together properly.

The mix of conflicting interests and values that builds up when people work together can be a confusing place, but it doesn’t have to be. With some key insights, you can make sense of all the goings on and navigate through them effectively, and be seen as a great person to work with.

Many skills are important in collaborating. The most important is being able to work with what matters to everyone involved. Learn how to do that with insight in Volume 7 “Values” of the Relationship Mastery MP3 program, or you can read about it in my book.