February 22, 2018

Build relationships with customers

Four business people at a table

Initiating, developing and maintaining effective relationships with customers, clients and other business partners successfully is a sensitive and delicate process, easily derailed by an inadvertent remark or an ill-judged response, or impeded by deep-seated and unconscious differences in personality. We can shine a light into all of that quite easily by drawing on some techniques from practical psychology – ones that are easy to apply in practice. Then we can adapt what we do to suit, and achieve a harmonious relationship more likely to lead to the conclusion and delivery of a successful business or public affairs transaction – or simply make sure we or our people don’t mess up an existing relationship. You know it happens.

Selling often doesn’t come easily to professional people. Their training doesn’t equip them for it and they may feel uncomfortable even just going out, meeting people and networking. They may also feel that selling is really someone else’s responsibility, not accepting that more or less everyone in a business needs to have some sales orientation, especially when times are challenging.

We can transform your people’s ability and willingness to contribute to the winning of new business; to play their part in developing connections and, just as importantly, make sure they handle relationships with existing customers to ensure your clients have a good experience and that business is not unnecessarily lost due to unthinking behaviour by one of your team – what a shame when so much effort went into winning that business in the first place.

Building relationships with customers calls on many skills covered in the Relationship Mastery formula. One area that makes a critical difference and that can give you a clear advantage is an ability to work effectively with different personality types. Then you will see why some approaches work with some individuals but not others, and be able to vary your style accordingly. Learn how with Volume 5 “Filters” of the Relationship Mastery MP3 program, or you can read about it in my book.