February 24, 2018

Balancing It All

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You know how to manage all the conflicting pressures in your life. It’s not that they’ve gone away completely; they just seem manageable. You’re able to handle all the relationships in your life with relative ease. You’ve learned how to fit it all in – friends, family, partner, children, clients, everything. You can balance it all.

Your life might not feel like that at the moment, but together we can go on a journey to a more satisfying, more stable, more rewarding place. The key is to work on your ability to handle the relationships involved using the best that’s available from practical psychology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), ancient wisdom and, well, experience of life. If you’ve had little experience of these fields, you can be sure you don’t know just how powerful and effective they are, and what a difference they can make for you.

It’s about dealing with people. At the level of deeper practical things to do, it’s all the same

In this program called “How to balance it all”, I’ve selected for you three Volumes of the Relationship Mastery audio program, and combined them with a specially recorded introduction.

Program outcomes

After working with this program, you will:

  • Feel in control
  • Seem assured, resourceful, and at ease with yourself
  • Have a calming influence
  • Have a happier relationship with your partner
  • Enjoy family life more
  • Be more successful in your business ventures
  • Find the right level with neighbors, friends and wider family members.

What you get in the package

In this program, I convey information and ideas normally only available to consultancy and coaching clients paying substantial sums in the $k or £k range. This audio download is an exceptionally convenient and cost-effective way to access the same learning for only $47. In the package you get:

  • Four CD length audio recordings, each as a set of MP3 files you can listen to virtually anywhere – at your desk, in your car, on a portable MP3 player, on an iPhone, on an iPad and more – in which I convey vital insights in an in-depth, compact and structured manner, all designed to provide you with practical, actionable information quickly.
  • Four PDFs with simple instructions to access the audio recordings and any illustrations required to support the material.

The four volumes include a specially-recorded introduction and three volumes from the Relationship Mastery program: 1. Attention to others, 2. Attitude, and 7. Values. These three subjects convey the essentials of balancing the relationships in your life.

The “How to balance is it all” program is available for here (payment with PayPal).
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Testimonial for Relationship Mastery

“After a week, my two teenage boys seemed to mature and grow in the way they related to their younger siblings and their father and me.” Samantha Gluck, Owner, All Media Freelance LLC


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