February 19, 2018


Dr David Fraser began his career in engineering, later developing a particular curiosity about how to handle the human side of working life effectively and intelligently—in short, how to bring more wisdom into the workplace. His first book, Relationship Mastery: A Business Professional’s Guide, was published in 2010. His second, The Mastery of Leadership: Presence and Practice in Transformational Change was published in 2015.

David’s academic and business career has always been about excelling. After securing First Class Honours in Electronics and Electrical Engineering and a PhD at Glasgow University, he rose rapidly through several engineering companies including Thales and BAE Systems to the role of Programme Director in the naval shipyards on the River Clyde in Glasgow, later going on to lead a number of new enterprise companies. He is a Chartered Engineer and has an MBA from Strathclyde University.

Sounds like a great record? Yes, but there have been challenges, and, of course, we learn more when things go wrong than when they go right, especially when people are involved and we have complex organisational problems to solve. In response, David has developed a systematic approach to leadership and interpersonal effectiveness, incorporating numerous well-researched insights.

David works with organisations and with individuals, transforming both their immediate results and their future potential. For more information, see www.drdavidfraser.com or email david@davidfraser.com.

David lives in Glasgow, Scotland, with his wife and three children. He sails, cycles, and walks on the hills when time permits.