February 19, 2018

A Special Offering for All Work at Home Moms

Woman with child and laptopSpecial Thanks to voiceBoks Moms

Hello ladies of voiceBoks. I want to thank you ladies, especially, for participating in the chat hosted by vB owner, Lexie Lane and Samantha Gluck, The Medtopicwriter. I really enjoyed getting to know those of you who made it. It’s because of you that I’ve re-recorded a set of audio programs just for work-at-home-moms and mom bloggers.

Development of the Relationship Mastery Formula

As you know, I’ve made a specialty of practical and powerful insights into what really works in relationships—wherever they arise—at home, at work, in the family environment, etc. In the end, relationships of any type respond to various stimuli in much the same way. Using my practical, powerful insight into interpersonal relationships and my extensive professional experience, I developed The Relationship Mastery Formula, outlined in my books.

After numerous requests, I recorded an online MP3 audio program entitled, How to Balance It All, sharing The Relationship Mastery Formula. The MP3 format allows you to easily and conveniently listen and learn at your own pace and in your own space.

12 Elements to Achieve Relationship Peace, Harmony, and Balance

The 12 essential elements of personal mastery in relationship skills represent the core of the program. I cover each of these 12 essential elements in separate audio programs (most lasting about 45 minutes). Each of the 12 essential elements results in many important learning outcomes.

I’ve priced each volume at a reasonable $27. Members of voiceBoks receive a 20% discount on that price by entering the code voiceBoks at checkout.

How to Balance It All – Especially for Busy Moms

There’s quite a lot to learn and implement in this program, so I’ve put together an introductory set of three volumes together just for work at home moms:

– Attention to others
– Attitude
– Values (Volume 7 when purchased individually)

I chose these three sections because of their particularly general applicability to all types of relationships. You can find more details on each of the three by looking through the list at the bottom of this page. I’ve also included a separate introduction. Priced at $58.75, you can buy this four-volume package for only $47 after taking the 20% discount. This represents an overall savings of 56% as opposed to purchasing each volume individually.

Purchase the How to Balance It All three volume set now! Add to Cart

What others have to say…

“After a week, my two teenage boys seemed to mature and grow in the way they related to their younger siblings, their father, and me.” Samantha Gluck, Owner, All Media Freelance, LLC

“As a freelance author, I conduct the majority of my business at my home office. Incorporating the 12 essential elements into the way I relate to clients and potential clients has improved my productivity and increased my confidence when dealing with difficult clients.” Amy Shoultz, Ph.D., Independent Author and Writing Coach

Purchase the How to Balance It All three volume set now! Add to Cart

An Affiliate Program with a Great Payoff

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Guaranteed to Work

This program will make a positive impact on your relationships, guaranteed. The way you relate to others will change, which will eventually improve the way they relate to you, guaranteed. But you must work the program consistently to achieve the elevated mastery of relationship skills necessary to harness the powerful changes they hold for you.

In the unlikely event that you do not feel totally satisfied after working through this program, simply contact me through the email address in the contact information on this website for a full refund.

Oh, and I don’t share your personal data with anyone.

Detailed Info About Individual Volumes

You can choose to purchase each volume individually. If you choose this route, I suggest you begin with Volume 1 (no surprise there). You can access each one through the links in the list below.

Come across as assured, resourceful, at ease with yourself, with Volume 1: “Attention to others”

Be attractive to other people, and stay that way, with Volume 2: “Attitude

Be calm, and have a calming influence, with Volume 3: “Self-control”

Cut through the noise by talking to people the way they talk to themselves, with Volume 4: “Wavelength”

Understand and work with personality, with Volume 5: “Filters”

Connect with people quickly and easily, with Volume 6: “Connection”

Work with what matters to people, with Volume 7: “Values”

Be sure you always have something to work with, with Volume 8: “Language”

Have a powerful personal presence, with Volume 9 “Self-awareness”

Be clear about what you want with Volume 10: “Attention to yourself”

Find balance in your life, with Volume 11: “Balance”

Get fast and lasting results by going with the deep stuff, with Volume 12: “Love”.

And here’s the formal bit that says get direct help if you need it…

Please note: This audio program is intended to provide accurate and authoritative information on the subject matter covered. It is offered with the understanding that neither the publisher nor the author is engaged in rendering professional services with the publication of this program. If professional advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.