February 21, 2018

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The ability to convey ideas…

Mid sized audience…may be scarcer than the ability to generate the ideas themselves.

It’s conventional to think that the ability to generate novel, practical ideas is rare. That may well be true.

In fact though…

The ability to get novel, practical ideas taken up and used may be even rarer.

There’s a great deal of skill in presenting a new approach in such a way that it gets adopted – much more than we typically allow for. We need a whole range of ways of overcoming natural reluctance and scepticism and instead persuading people appropriately of the merits and possibilities of a new way of looking at things, and moreover, nurturing the relationships that smooth the path for that.

How much are you recognising the ability and investment involved in influencing people to adopt something new and unfamiliar and beneficial? Do you give the art the time it deserves?

How disruptive is too disruptive?

Group of people listeningSometime we need shaken up a bit. We get set in our ways. We fail to notice that the world has changed around us.

So a disruptive input can be good for us—what we need, even if it isn’t very comfortable at the time. No doubt we will need to settle back to some stability after the upheaval, perhaps without becoming quite so ossified next time around. Or maybe we’ll manage to institute some continuous adaptation. That would be better.

From the interventionist’s perspective, how disruptive should we be?

Probably more disruptive than feels comfortable for us.

Oddly enough, to strengthen the relationship, we might need to put it at risk.