February 19, 2018

What’s your vision for yourself?

Woman reflectingYou may be familiar with the idea of having a vision for other people—other people you work with, individuals you lead or coach, either formally or informally, or perhaps family members. That vision is your guiding image of how they could be or who they could become—something you mostly keep to yourself and use merely as guide to “hold the space” for them to develop into. You might also suggest experiences that would open doors in the direction you perceive would be useful.

Such a vision is a frame for nurturing other people.

The thing is…

What’s your vision for yourself?

Who would you like to see yourself become?

If you were working with someone else, you’d be thinking about what limiting beliefs are holding them back.

And what possibilities they’re not seeing.

And what they’re not noticing about themselves.


What limiting beliefs are holding you back?

And what possibilities are you not seeing?

And what are you not noticing about yourself?

When it comes to it…

What is your vision?

Once seen, you could choose to move into it now.