February 23, 2018

How others see us, and what to do about it

Two staff members smilingHow others see us is very important in determining our results and what happens in our lives. Many factors affect that, of course: Our track record and so on.

However, a big part of it is how we see ourselves.

Surprisingly perhaps…

The limiting factor in what we achieve can be our own self-image. If we have a pessimistic view of our capabilities then that will be borne out in reality. Our relative denial of our own power will diminish how others see us and that will make whatever we hope to achieve more difficult. Our self-image will be the primary constraint on our success.

We do tend to hold ourselves back by playing small.

So it’s important to step properly into our own power, our own authority.

Of course, over-confidence is a danger too.

Accurate self-perception is the key to the greatest success. That way, other will see us as we really are, and results will flow from that.

The question is…

How well do you understand your own power? And do you live congruently with it?