February 24, 2018

Can we measure our influence?

Mid sized audienceWhen we set out to work on an issue on a large scale, it would be handy if we could discern the specific impact of our actions. It would be useful it we could determine how much of what we see changing around us is caused by what we ourselves are doing?

That way we could refine our approach and be sure it is as effective as possible.

I think the reality is we mostly can’t.

Probably, quite a lot of people are working on the issue—like increasing collaboration, for example—and so we really can’t tell which part of the outcome is down to us.


We need to act in the belief in we are making a difference, and accept the fact we can’t know exactly what we contribute.

And keep going.

We’ll be more effective if our state of mind is independent of the need for specific reinforcement.