January 18, 2018

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How to get stuck

Capability statementBe careful you don’t get in this situation…

You’ve said you have a capability in such and such.

It turns out you actually aren’t very good at it.

You could get help.

But you can’t accept help because you’ve said you can do whatever it is.

Then you’re really stuck.

Happens to people and organisations every day.

If faced with an obstacle…

Part of a brick wall lying on a beachYou have to hit it hard enough to knock it over.

Unless you can go round it that is, or dismantle it somehow. Assuming you can’t, there’s no point in wasting energy and getting a sore head by repeatedly bouncing off.

You need to amass enough energy to push through the barrier.

Maybe you need to pick better obstacles, of course, and by the way, you know I’m not talking about people here; I’m talking about issues.

So the question is…

Are you hitting your obstacles hard enough to knock them over?

And are you ready for what happens next when you do?

You and your unconscious

Woman reflectingYou and your unconscious.

How have you been getting along lately?

I’m serious.

You’re like two people: One being your conscious mind, and the other that person in the background who actually runs most of your life, and your relationships with other people for that matter, and keeps you alive—your unconscious mind.

Some say our conscious mind accounts for 5% and our unconscious for 95%, rather like captain and crew.


All learning and change happens in the unconscious mind because that’s the only place it can be sustained. Conscious will-power doesn’t really cut it when it comes to making something different happen.

And you see…

If you give your unconscious more options, you can be sure it’ll choose the best one. That’s more or less a biological certainty.

So you and your unconscious—how have you been getting along lately?

Is your inner being content with your outward behaviour, or are you conflicted inside? Are you paying attention to those inner signals?

Is your conscious mind effective in training your unconscious with the patterns which will help you?

In other words, you and that other (very powerful) person you live with inside…

How often do you talk? How’s your relationship with yourself?

It’s you

Man thinkingIt’s you.

It’s you that needs to take action, that is.

Or it might be.

You see…

You might be the one best-placed, even if you feel inadequately prepared.

Sometimes you don’t notice you’re closest. You stand back. You think someone else will take action.


You wonder why no-one is doing anything.

You might look around to see who out there is in the best position to act; who has the power.

Sometimes, in fact…

It’s you.

And we need you to act.

Probably as soon as possible.

Brand—a relationship thing?

High Street sceneWe tend to think of brands in isolation, as if they exist in their own right, in an absolute sense. We think of a logo perhaps, or a style of packaging, or a particular tagline or strapline.


The properties of a brand only really exist in the minds of its followers, or the people who are aware of the brand; the community built around it.


A brand really has the features of a relationship, and a brand and its following are two sides of the same coin. The one doesn’t exist without the other.

Without a following, you don’t have a brand.

Build a following, and your brand will mean something.

Have a clearer brand, and more people will follow.