February 24, 2018

Would you like to participate in the virtual blog tour for my new ebook?

We’re organizing a virtual blog tour, from the dates May 18th-31st, highlighting my latest ebook, Relationships Made Easy for the Business Professional. (A virtual blog tour is a set of “tour” stops via various blogs where each day a blogger will share a review about a specified book/author.)

Would you like to participate in this virtual blog tour, by hosting a book review on your blog on one of the dates between May 18th-31st (no weekends)?

For your participation in the virtual blog tour:

  1. You will receive a complimentary review copy (PDF or Kindle or iPad/Mac) of the book
  2. Your blog URL will appear in the book tour’s official schedule, which will be posted at http://www.keybookpromotions.com and here at http://www.drdavidfraser.com.
  3. Your blog post will appear in social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter during the virtual blog tour promoting you and your blog.

Please email by May 13th so that we can add you to the blog tour schedule and send your copy of the book.

To participate:

Please email Teresa Morrow at keybookpromotions@gmail.com with:

  • Your blog URL
  • Preferred format of ebook – PDF, Kindle or iPad/Mac
  • Your top 2 preferred dates between May 18th-31st(no weekends) to share a book review about Dr David Fraser’s book, Relationships Made Easy for the Business Professional, on your blog

About the Book
Interpersonal relationship skills are a key enabler for organizations and individuals. In Relationships Made Easy for the Business Professional, Dr David Fraser’s Relationship Skills for Success formula offers a quick, effective approach to improving results for teams and individuals – like magic, you could say…David’s easily read and applied book is written for professionals. “Very positive, helpful and enlightening” (Harry Reid, The Herald newspaper).

Your generous offer to share your review of the book on your blog is much appreciated.