February 11, 2016

Talks and Keynotes

David regularly speaks with audiences in the UK, the USA and elsewhere in connection with three main… [more]

Talks and Keynotes Talks and Keynotes

Leadership Development

Our ability to lead our people—and indeed ourselves—is key to success, especially in a rapidly changing… [more]

Leadership Development Leadership Development

Transformational Learning for You Personally

Whatever your background or current situation, it's always open to you to work on being a more effective,… [more]

Transformational Learning for You Personally Transformational Learning for You Personally

Programme Management

You probably have the process side of your business pretty well covered, and some additional insight… [more]

Programme Management Programme Management

Strategy and Growth

You want your business (or your organisation) to adapt and grow. Key areas to enable success are:- Strategy,… [more]

Strategy and Growth Strategy and Growth

Need to accelerate progress in your organisation?

David Fraser coaches leadership teams, making them more effective, more out-going, and more entrepreneurial. He is an author, speaker, and change agent with a background in systems engineering and technologically or operationally intensive businesses and an expertise in transformational leadership in complex organisations. David combines analytical, professional, and managerial skills on the one hand, with systematic, insightful, and skilfully intuitive approaches to leadership and personal growth on the other. This rare blend unlocks latent potential and effects immediate and dramatic change in personal and organisational performance, stimulating specifically...
  • Entrepreneurial, enterprising behaviour
  • Increased sales
  • Clear organisational strategy and successful implementation of that strategy
  • Effective leadership teamwork and the resolution of poor team dynamics
  • Enhanced individual performance
  • Successful collaboration and programme management
  • The true power of the organisation's people as a group
  • Strong customer and supplier relationships
  • Robust business improvement and initiative processes
  • The real behaviour change required to support of all of the above
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 Latest Thoughts on Leadership, Growth, Enterprise, Interpersonal Skills and more...

Aiming for less to get more

It's a funny thing... Sometimes we need to aim for less, to get more. In leadership and management, it's tempting to demand a great deal from another person in the hope of getting some of it. Actually, we risk getting none at all if they are demoralised by the … [Read More...]

How do you react to the phrase “I’m disappointed with how I behaved” or similar?

Last couple of years, it seems to have become common for a person or an organisation which has messed up or done something stupid to try and construct what should be an apology with a sentence that begins “I’m really disappointed that I was a xxx yesterday / or did … [Read More...]

Will your contacts support your progression?

If we're not to stand still, or worse, go backwards, we obviously need to keep developing: We need to progress. That means change. Now, will our existing contacts welcome that change? Some will, some won't, presumably. No doubt, most are supportive, and certainly … [Read More...]

 A Selection of Endorsements...

“A voyage of self-discovery”
Graeme Waddell, Chairman, Energen Biogas

“Incredibly relevant and thought-provoking”
Ishbell MacPhail, Regional General Manager, Dell Corporation

“All I can say is, it works. David shows you how to make it begin with you and to see things from another perspective.”
Karen Marshall, Managing Director, Bridge of Weir Leather Company Ltd

“Transformational leadership is the future. It’s about getting things done. David’s work applies at board level, and also both up-the-way and down-the-way in an organisation, and is about leadership that really does make change and a genuine difference.”
David Watt, Director, IoD Scotland

“Top drawer.”
Drew Pryde, Chairman, SIBL (Scottish Institute of Business Leaders)

The only one around with the skills to make this happen. Able to interpret what is required, take board level responsibility and make it happen without needing further input, coming forward with options when appropriate. I didn’t need to worry about it from one meeting to the next.
Craig Lockhart, Managing Director, Babcock Marine

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